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  • Making the Metaverse Accessible

    Announcement - August 2, 2022

    Over the next couple of years we will be posting challenges for West African photographers to capture stills and video related to particular projects.


    Because we recognize that Web3 and the Metaverse may be unfamiliar, you are encouraged to visit this PAGE. It will talk about education at the end, but the first part will give you what you need to better understand the concept.

    The Problem

    For any technology to succeed, it must first become accessible to the masses. While Meta, Apple, Microsoft and other giant companies come up with creative ways to help people understand what Web3 and the Metaverse is, we aim to give Ghanaians access.


    We will recruit amateur and seasoned photographers to capture stills and video of popular and lesser known things throughout Ghana. The assets (video, photos) that are created will be exchanged for money, cryptocurrency or fractions of NFTs already within the Metaverse. While some NFTs may be out of reach financially, this 'bartering' system would enable anyone with a phone the opportunity to have access.

    Tourism Education

    The assets will be used for a number of projects. Some will be used to communicate all of the beautiful and interesting places that Ghana has to offer via social media. Others will become part of the Metaverse through NFTs.


    There is a large international market for unique and interesting NFTs. While their popularity has cooled off a bit as it pertains to "owning a picture," there is a lot of excitement around NFTs that have a utility function.


    The idea of utility is NFTs that once owned, grant the owner certain rights and privileges. For instance, if you buy a limited edition NFT from a music artist - it could come with unlimited access to future concerts. A great local example of this is The Royals, a project that offers benefits that come with purchasing an NFT.

  • Now that you have an idea about what is possible, check back in June 2023 for the first challenge!

    Stay Tuned!