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    Hospitalented is dedicated to providing hospitality and tourism education to a global audience. The focus is to provide knowledge to those that wouldn't otherwise receive it.


    For more information about our mission, vision, values and purpose - visit the About section. While other projects develop, we encourage you to follow us on social media @Hospitalented. That's where you'll find out about new things we're working on. For more about the Executive Director, Dr. Damien L. Duchamp, please visit www.ProfDuchamp.com

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    Frankenstyle July/August 2024

    A slightly different fashion contest. The goal is to encourage designers to make something beautiful out of upcycled materials. Over 15 million garments are dumped into Ghana each week, so we wanted to think differently.


    In February 2023 and March 2024, teams designed new fashion pieces using second-hand clothing purchased from the markets. Click on button to see their work.


    The next contest in Ghana will take place this July/August!

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    The HospiGo Project

    In June 2018 the first batch of HospiPods were distributed to attendees of the second annual Youth in Tourism conference in Ghana. These chips were given to young attendees so that they can explore domestic tourism and think more about the industry. Since then, smaller batches have been distributed in June 2019 and February 2020. The next batch will be distributed in 2023.

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  • Signature Programs

    Over ten years, the following programs have been created under the Hospitalented flag.

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    An iteration of the 'Bitcoin Meetup' held originally in Ghana, this event went further to separate cryptocurrencies from blockchain technology. Participating students learned about how the technology can be applied to a variety of industries; hospitality, tourism, fashion, medicine, real estate, etc.

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    Not So Scary Foods

    (alternative foods)

    I wanted to help students discover the world of alternative foods. The future is uncertain in terms of access to traditional proteins, so we focused on insects, plant-based and other food options. We also addressed sustainability through the lens of "use the whole beast." Students and other attendees were able to sample roasted and ground insects, as well interact with live insects (for the courageous).

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    Airline Expo

    (airports and airlines)

    This event has taken place twice now, each time exposing students to careers in the airline industry. The second event expanded beyond just traditional careers in aviation/airports to include journalism and media roles. In both events students had a chance to win $25,000 in our paper airplane contest. MORE

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    Tourism Entrepreneurship Workshop


    This edition will focus on the WTTC projections for tourism in Ghana. The country has fallen short in most years over the last decade, We will explore how they could be reached in the near future. We will also discuss pricing for services and tipping from the perspective of visitors.

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    Frankenstyle Contest


    Millions of clothes are dumped into Ghana on a weekly basis. While there are incredible organizations that are tackling this monumental issue, we have created a contest to bring attention to new audiences. This is an effort to provide a creative approach to upcycling through fashion.

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    Art in a Bottle

    (food & beverage)

    I am passionate about beverage marketing so I created an event that speaks to a part of the industry rarely discussed. AIAB gets into the business and marketing behind beverage and condiment brands. We bring together the top people in the business; those who can tell practical stories about how they built their brands. MORE

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    Nightlife Academy

    (careers in nightlife)

    This event was the inaugural showcase of elements within the nightlife industry. Three panels were delivered virtually; history/future, food & beverage, and DJs/entertainment. In all there were fourteen panelists and over fifty students who attended. What an amazing collection of experience!

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    (career paths)

    Prompted by a concern about the lack of interview preparation for high school students, this event was created to fill the void. The result was an event that combines speed-mock interviewing, networking and group interaction activities. The first year we had 25 students, and last year it jumped to 75.

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    (skill development)

    This event is known as the 'hospitality Olympics,' requiring students to complete a number of written and physical challenges that span the full hospitality industry. We were able to host the eighth iteration of this event just before COVID-19 hit New York City. We matched our record for involving seven different high schools from around the city.

  • Chapters

    While the organization's projects are still very young, they are executed with the help of individuals from around the world.

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    St. Joseph's College - Brooklyn, NY

    The first official chapter was founded on October 5th, 2016 after a vote to change the name of their hospitality and tourism club. The students of SJC Brooklyn were only in the second year of the Hospitality & Tourism Management program. Alpha chapter is where HospiChallenge, Airline Expo, Not So Scary Foods and Art in a Bottle first took place.

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    New York City - United States

    This chapter was founded in 2016, retroactively including students and professionals within the New York City metro area.

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    Accra, Ghana - West Africa

    Our third chapter was founded throughout 2016, based on the work of two individuals who have been helping expand hospitality and tourism in Ghana. The collective community has grown significantly, thanks in large part to the success of the TEW, or Tourism Entrepreneurship Workshop.

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    San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Caribbean

    The fourth chapter was assembled in 2016, amassing over 200 members throughout the island of Puerto Rico. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the chapter became dormant but will come back soon!

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    Your City, Your Campus - The World

    Who will be the next chapter founded? If you are interested please email info@hospitalented.org


    "Global Hospitality Education"


    Hospitalented is committed to delivering hospitality and tourism education to a global audience, focused on the needs of underrepresented populations around the world.

    Vision & Purpose

    We provide hospitality education in a variety of ways, but mainly through events and workshops. There are great Associate, Bachelor and Master degree programs and we encourage those seeking to improve themselves to first consider formal education opportunities. For those that cannot afford formalized education, have challenging schedules or just want to stay current with hospitality trends, we will try to fill that void.


    We also aim to complement the education that students are already receiving, as well as the training professionals are getting. To do this, we have local organizations (known as chapters) in metro areas and on college campuses around the world. We also engage in consulting projects, putting to work students and professionals who want to be involved with more than their 'day job.' At the global level and through our chapters we provide a range of programming where hospitality professionals (and students) can shine!


    We have and will continue to host various gatherings around the world - some small and some large. From 2016 to 2019 we hosted HospiChallenge every few months in New York City, a competition mainly for students. Most of these events were sponsored by the Alpha Chapter of Hospitalented and held at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn.


    We create or consult on curriculum for those that need or want to improve their knowledge of hospitality and tourism. This generally means that our executive director sits on advisory boards and helps to review programs. We have also created an open source curriculum that has been disseminated through the HospiGo initiative and outlined within the upcoming book Tourism is Gold: Path to Ghana.


    We are about real change, not programs with the primary intent of generating revenue. While many other organizations package education for profit which is understandable, materials sometimes don't get to their intended destinations. We do things differently as a result.


    We are about validation more than certification. While some communities are very focused on getting a piece of paper, we are more concerned with permanent improvement in individuals and organizations. If certificates are part of the culture, we will oblige - but we will avoid the narrative that 'certification = knowledge.'

  • F.A.Q.

    Answers to some common questions.

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    In a world that is dominated by cooking competitions we thought it was important to give students and staff a chance to show their skills. Each HC is created for the people who will participate in it. Some traditional challenges include:

    • Table Turnover - Teams race to clear and reset a table for a restaurant
    • Luggage Stack - Teams find the most creative ways to pile luggage
    • Bottle Presentation - Individuals open and serve a bottle for a guest
    In addition to these 'active' challenges, teams may work together to solve problems, come up with ideas, and develop solutions to issues in the industry. Participants represent different schools or organizations.
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    Global hospitality education?

    Hospitalented engages in programming and education that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone around the world. Too many people do not have access to formal education as they should, so we try to bridge the gap by creating curriculums and packaging them in a way that is more accessible.

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    Are you a non-profit?

    While we do not have the official designation of 501(c)(3) entity, Hospitalented is largely not for profit. Funding for various programs is thanks to affiliations and collaboration, while certain projects like HospiGo and Frankenstyle are largely funded by the executive director.

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    Who are you?

    While we work with a number of colleagues throughout the world, Hospitalented was founded and is still operated by Dr. Damien L. Duchamp. Learn more about 'ProfD' on his website.